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Academic Seminar on Social Governance and Social Organization Held in China Women's University

In the morning of Dec. 14th, 2016, the academic lecture with the subject of ‘Innovation of Social Governance and Development of Social Organisation’ was successfully held in China Women’s University (CWU) by School of International Education. The lecture was hosted by Liu Meng, vice president of CWU, and participated by students of Mofcom Foreign Aid Degree Program, professional master students of Social Work.

The aim of the lecture was to equip the students with in-depth knowledge on social work from perspective of social governance and social organization. With the support from the University level, we are honored to have invited Professor Shi Bonian to give the lecture in China Women’s University.


Professor Shi explained the concept and perspective of social governance. He thought that Chinese society changed from social management to social governance during the past 12 years from 2004 and 2016. While the power of government changed from one to two ways, not upon the social power any more, the relationship between government and social power changed from affilicated to cooperation. He introduced the background information on the raising of innovation of social governance, the relevant content, and analyzing the status quo of Chinese social organisation’s development and existing dilemma and problems in the process, as well as discussing the transformation direction of development of social organisations.

There are several Q & A session throughout the lecture, and many students had active participation. Heated discussions took place on social organisation’s management, social governance etc. Professor Shi answered every question in detail, while vice president Liu Meng also explained some special concept in China like Hukou and planning economy. The discussions hit the spark of thoughts, and drew the curtain of the lecture.

Professor Shi Bonian is the Dean of graduate school of China Youth University of Political Studies. He has other social positions like secretary general of China Association for Social Work Education, member of steering committee of discipline of Public Management of Ministry of Education, director of Chinese Social Insurance Association and managing director of Labor Science Teaching Branch of China Labor Association.

The academic lecture of ‘Innovation of Social Governance and Development of Social Organisation’ provided students with further understanding of social work area and China’s relevant history and present situation from theoretical perspective. The attendance of such lecture helped the students with raising theoretical standard and increasing knowledge related to their major. Many students thinks that the lecture expanded their academic horizon and obtained a lot.