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Field Investigation in Shunyi District of Beijin

On the 16th of December, 2016, supported by the Women's Federation of Shunyi District, the international students and teachers of the School of International Education (SIE) had a field investigation in Shunyi District of Beijing. WANG Yiting, the Vice Chairman of Shunyi District Women's Federation, and WANG Zhao, Office Director of Shunyi District Women's Federation warmly welcomed and accompanied with them.

The group of people first came to Shunyi Hebei Folk Culture Village, visiting the exhibitions collected and produced by the local villagers. The visiting was started with the “clay sculpture” exhibition, which is a kind of traditional Chinese folk art. All the people were fascinated when seeing the performance offered by a "clay figurine" successor. And then accompanied by the local guide,the group visited the interesting exhibition of local folk culture. The rich exhibition materials and artificial interior views are divided into different periods according to their chronological order. The participants immersed themselves in it. They had a full and vivid understanding of the economy, culture and folklore of rural areas around Beijing.

In the afternoon, the group came to visit the butterfly theme park. Watched the original butterfly theme movies, people were deeply touched by the spirit of Chinese disabled women in the story: self-confidence and self-motivated, self-improvement, which is just like the spirit of butterflies. Several students can not help but shed tears. 

The students then made their own butterfly handicrafts by using real butterfly wing materials. Later, the group visited the butterfly greenhouse that is indicated as the largest all around Asia, enjoying the real butterflies flying in the beautiful in-door garden, and learned the knowledge about butterfly.

Professor LIU Meng, Vice President of CWU, Prof. Li Ying, Dean of International Education College, Teacher Zhang Yuan, and so on. This event is to provide students with a good understanding of traditional Chinese folk culture and the rural status in the suburbs of Beijing. It also promotes friendship among the group.