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Gathering of The International Students and Potential Supervisors

On the 20th of December, 2016, the scholars experts in the field of social work from Minzu University of China, Renmin University of China, Beijing Institute of Technology, Peking University, and University of Hong Kong were invited to have a pleasant gathering with the international students.

After nearly a semester of study, the international students have had some initial ideas about their study and future research paper’s writing, but at the meantime faced some doubts and specific problems about it. The meeting timely provided a great opportunity to raise their problems and consult with the experts. 

Firstly, each student introduced her previous study and work background, as well as the current research interests. Many people put forward their ideas and framework of their thesis. Some of them also raised their learning difficulties, asking for help. 

The scholars attended the meeting involves both the older generation of authority scholars and the junior researchers. They introduced to the international students their backgrounds, research interests and practical experiences in fluent English, and warmly answered various questions in details. The two sides looked forward to more opportunities for more in-depth future exchanges. 

The meeting was hosted by Dean of SIE, LI Ying and attended by Vice President Professor LIU Meng. The Coordinator ZHANG Yuan and teacher representative YE Hongyu also participated in the meeting, and did some communication with the international students.